Can Too Much Sugar Hurt Your Hair?

Posted on January 02 2019

can sugar hurt hair

 We’ve all heard our parents tell us “too much sweets are bad for your teeth” or “too much sugar will cause pimples”.  All of these things are true.  But what many of us did not know is that too much sugar can also harm your hair growth. 


Just like alcohol, sugar should be taken in moderation.  Some of us adhere to this rule and have perfect skin, teeth, blood sugar, and great voluminous hair.  But for those of us that don’t, the resulting effect can be grim.


To understand the effects of sugar on our body, we must first understand what sugar is. 


Sugar is a carbohydrate.  It's job is to provide energy to the body.  It comes in many forms:  monosaccharides, glucose, fructose, and galactose.  Sucrose is the most commonly used form of sugar derived from glucose and fructose.  It is found in plants, namely sugarcane and sugar beet.  Refined, unrefined, and cane sugar is made from these plants. 



You will find these types of refined and unrefined sugars in cakes, cookies, candies, beverages (such as: sodas), or as a sweetener for foods and non-sugary beverages (such as table sugar). 


Health organizations have linked excessive consumption of sugar to the start of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, acne, tooth decay, increase your risk of cancer, and speed up the aging of skin. 

In addition to this, new research has shown that too much sugar can negatively affect the scalp, ultimately contributing to hair loss.


When sugar is consumed faster than the body can process it, an insulin and androgen spike occurs.  Inflammation happens as a result of the spike.  This constant inflammation rise causes the hair follicles to be blocked and leads to a lack of hair growth and hair falling out. 


This is why high sugar and high carbohydrate diets are risky.  Reducing the amount of sugar consumed is not enough to retain healthy hair.  You must also make sure to feed your body with nutrient rich foods that will help your scalp and hair.  Foods high in protein, fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, Iron and Zinc will fight hair loss. If you incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and beans into your diet, your hair will become what you've dreamed of. 

As the saying goes:  "You are what you eat." 


Posted by:  Moroccan Indigo staff writers


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