Can You Exercise in Hair Extensions?

Posted on November 16 2018

Can You Exercise in Hair Extensions?

Exercise is one of the biggest reasons that prevent so many people from wearing hair extensions.  This is false.  You CAN wear hair extensions while exercising.  But you must use caution when doing so.

Wearing hair extensions during a workout session is just like drinking a glass of wine.  You can do it, but you just have to know the rules and use care when doing so. 

So, if you can your extensions, do so.  This will preserve them for the long haul.

But if you can’t here are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you get fit and keep your hair looking great: 


  1.  Make sure your Extensions are not touching your skin.
Sweat, which contains salt, is the enemy of hair.  Salt has a tendency to dehydrate the hair.  Yes, it has numerous benefits for the skin, but on the hair it’s murder. 
Hair needs a healthy pH balance in order to remain bouncy, shiny, and retain its lustrous texture. 
Also, you need to remember that unlike your hair (on your head), hair extensions have been cut from someone else’s scalp.  The nutrients that the hair would get from the scalp no longer exist.  The extensions will only get the nutrients from the water, shampoo, conditioner, and oils that you put on it.    


  1. Use a Leave-In-Conditioner on your hair before your workout.
This will put a protective barrier between your hair and any sweat that may get on them.  It will also condition the hair and keep them from getting dehydrated during your exercise.   


  1. Wear a headband or scarf.  
Let’s be honest for a second, exercise = sweat.  Or, to say it another way, exercise and sweat go hand in hand.  So, just realize at some point during your workout you’re going to sweat.  It’s a normal part of life, just not a happy one. 
Wearing a headband or scarf can reduce the amount of sweat that accumulates on your forehead and neck.  This will absorb much of the sweat and create a barrier between your extensions and any part of the sweat pooled skin.


  1. Put your hair in a ponytail or braid them.
If you put your hair into a ponytail, please remember these important tips:
        • DON’T TUG.  Constant tugging will only make them slip out during your workout.  Not to mention it can also cause the bonds of your own hair to become weak with the constant pulling.     
        • DON’T MAKE THE PONYTAIL TOO TIGHT.  Making the ponytail tight will definitely keep the hair from moving, but it can also prevent the sweat from quickly drying.  This can cause the root of the hair extension to easily frizz and ultimately tangle when trying to remove them later.     
If you put your hair in a braid, please follow the same rules as you would for a ponytail.


    1. After the workout, shampoo your extensions.
    Again, sweat can NOT be avoided.  It’s a natural part of life.  So, it should be expected that some sweat will get on your hair extensions. 
    Just like you wash your own hair, you’ll need to wash your extensions.  They are not meant to be washed daily, doing so could quickly fade the color and break down the hair bonds that maintain it's elasticity.  But the extensions should to be washed after an exhaustive workout. 


    ALWAYS USE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS FREE OF SULFATES AND PHOSPHATES.  These ingredients tend to dry out the extensions as well as your own hair.   


    Please be aware that all of these tips can and should be used on your own hair as well as your extensions.  This will help prolong the health of your hair and extensions.  


    Exercise shouldn’t be a hindrance to looking good while maintaining your health.  You can do both.  Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals.  There is always a solution to every problem, if you look. 


    Posted by:  Moroccan Indigo staff writers


    • Melissa: June 16, 2021

      I just had a hand tied extensions so an end. I work out six days a week, but three of the days are running days and I sweat profusely. Would it be OK just to rinse the hair with water on these running days or should I just wash three days a week? It’s three days a week of washing and mostly air drying too much and too damaging?

    • Irene: May 27, 2021

      I sweat At night which is making tape in extensions slip out . What suggestions do you have ?

    • guzcpjjvzl: March 18, 2021

      Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • Andy Young: August 30, 2020

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