Hair Extension Care

A:  Yes you can.  Wash them just as you would your own hair.  Use a shampoo and conditioner that is free of: phosphates, sulfates, silicone, and other chemicals that will degrade the integrity of the hair. 

      1. Wash the hair extension every 1 to 2 weeks.

      2. Use a mild shampoo free of: phosphates, sulfates, silicone, and other chemicals, then rinse.

      3. If you choose to use a conditioner on the hair, again make sure it is free of: phosphates, sulfates, silicone, and other chemicals. Rinse and leave to air dry.

      4. Do not put direct heat on the root of the extension when blow drying it. Doing so will cause damage to the clips and wefts, causing the extension to fall apart.

      5. Please do not grasp the root of hair extension when washing, conditioning or blow drying it. Please handle the hair extension gently and with care.

 We also recommend using a hot oil treatment on the hair extensions at least once per month and no more than every three weeks.  This will help keep the cuticles smooth and prevent the hair from becoming too dry and brittle.     

A:  Yes, you can blow-dry the extensions.  But please use a low setting.  We do not recommend blow drying the extensions too frequently.  We advise you to let the hair extensions air dry naturally after washing them.

A:  Yes, you can comb the hair.  When combing the hair, please use care when doing so.

      1. Use a smooth-edged, wide-toothed comb.

      2. Please avoid brushing the hair when it´s wet.

      3. When detangling your hair extensions, start from the bottom of the extension and work your way up to reduce pulling on the hair.

A:  Yes.  Since the hair extension is 100% human, it can be straightened and curled.  We do not recommend using extremely high temperatures on the extensions frequently. 

A:  Yes, the hair can be dyed or bleached.  As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighter the hair. 

We strongly recommend having a hairstylist dye or bleach the extensions.  Doing this yourself, the hair may not be the shade you want or you could accidentally damage the hair cuticles. 

If you can not get to a hairstylist, please use a good quality hair dye and test a sample on a small section of the hair first.

A:  Unfortunately, at some point all hair extensions will shed and tangle.  A few hairs shedding is completely normal.  Additionally, wearing hair extensions for long periods of time will cause a few tangles, especially near the neck area.    

A:  Your hair can tangle due to dryness, body sweat, oil and debris build-up, and not combing your hair on a regular basis.  Make sure to wash and condition your hair every 1 to 2 weeks.  Once the hair is dry, comb the hair daily.

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